Mercury Retrograde Spread Feb 17-Mar 10

Mercury Retrograde Spread Feb 17-Mar 10

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Astrologically each planet has its influences on us, the Sun our personalities, the Moon emotion, Jupiter expansion, Saturn challenges and Mercury affects our ways of communicating.


Now, the starts don’t FORCE us to do anything but they do give us insight to the energies around us to better understand ourselves as well as everyone around us.


This Mercury Retrograde meets us in the sign of Pisces. Pisces is a water sign that shows two fish swimming in opposite directions. Perhaps an accurate depiction of the signs struggles with being pulled in many different directions which we may feel during this time.


This Spread is intended to ask:

What precautions can I made to make this a smooth Mercury Retrograde?

What is this Mercury Retrograde trying to communicate to me?

What emotions are attempting to be seen heard right now?

How can I navigate through them?

What can I learn from these lessons?