Full Moon Reflection Tarot Spread

Full Moon Reflection Tarot Spread

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The Moon has this magnetic energy that not only affects oceans but our being- we are comprised of mostly salt water ;). The moon represents your emotional body and understanding the Moon's cycles can help you better understand yourself on a deeper level. 

This Full Moon Spread will bring light to the subconscious layers within you so that you may begin to approach the upcoming cycle with a fresh perspective.

Do you see reoccurring cycles in your life? Are you ready to let something/someone go but just aren’t sure how?  


This Spread includes: 

Full Moon Spread

Full Moon Meditation

Full Moon Ritual


If you'd like to focus on a specific topic for the Full Moon please e-mail me the specific topic you'd like your reading to focus on.


The email/audio will be delivered to you via email or text within 72 hours of purchase.


The number 8 is itself balanced, which means that it is the number of balancing both the material and spiritual aspects of our experience.