5 Card Spread Monthly Subscription + 60 minute phone call

5 Card Spread Monthly Subscription + 60 minute phone call

Receive a email/audio reading from intuitive Shelly each and EVERY MONTH!!!

This has been created at YOUR request!

This monthly membership allows you to get a monthly forecast into the month ahead to better prepare yourself for various energies that may present. This monthly membership also includes a 60 minute phone coaching session that can be split into two 30 minute sessions.


This spread was created to keep you accountable, prepared and SUPPORTED throughout the month ahead.

This is a 5 Card Spread that will provide greater insight to a particular topic. The first two cards give insight to the main energies surrounding the situation and the three additional cards provide details and/or past, present, future outcomes. 

You may choose to allow the Universe to show you the main energies surrounding your life or focus on a particular topic.


Topic options:

Question / Answer

The Week Ahead (2 bonus cards in this one)

The 5 pointed Star Solution

You / Love / Family / Friends / Career

Emotion / Thought / Action / Solution / Result


 NOTE: Payments will be reoccurring monthly please notify me 1 month prior to desired cancelation.