5 Card Tarot Reading

5 Card Tarot Reading

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Receive a email/audio reading from intuitive Shelly.


This is a 5 Card Spread that will provide greater insight to a particular topic. The first two cards give insight to the main energies surrounding the situation and the three additional cards provide details and/or past, present, future outcomes. 

You may choose to allow the Universe to show you the main energies surrounding your life or focus on a particular topic.


Topic options:

Question / Answer

The Week Ahead (2 bonus cards in this one)

The 5 pointed Star Solution

You / Love / Family / Friends / Career

Emotion / Thought / Action / Solution / Result



The email/audio will be delivered to you via email or text within 72 hours of purchase.


The number 5555 implies patience, harmony and balance with the desired improvements you are working on is being manifested.