3 Card Spread Monthly Subscription + 30 Minute phone call

3 Card Spread Monthly Subscription + 30 Minute phone call

Receive a email/audio reading from intuitive Shelly each and EVERY MONTH!

This has been created at YOUR request!

This monthly membership allows you to get a monthly forecast into the month ahead to better prepare yourself for various energies that may present. This monthly membership also includes a 30 minute phone coaching session.

This spread was created to keep you accountable, prepared and SUPPORTED throughout the month ahead.

This spread provides more detail on the current situations surrounding you. You can provide the topic of focus or allow the Universe to do its thing!

Topic options:

Past / Present / Future  

Pondering the Past

Pursuing the Present

Focusing on the Future

Mind / Body / Spirit

Self Discovery


Situation / Why / Solution  

Current situation / Obstacle / Suggestions


Situation / What needs your attention /  Result  

What I THINK about the situation / What I FEEL/ What I DO 


If you'd like to choose from one of the topic options above please e-mail me the specific topic you'd like your reading to focus on.

The email/audio will be delivered to you via email or text within 72 hours of purchase.


NOTE: Payments will be reoccurring monthly please let me know 1 month prior to cancelation.